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What are Flint STEM Camps?

Get kids fired up about STEM

Flint provides everything teachers need to run an amazing week-long STEM summer camp anywhere in the U.S. You get the cutting-edge gear, gadgets and creative activities that spark students’ imaginations.

We make STEM fun

Flint replaces ordinary activities with high-voltage, project-based, hands-on learning. Most of Flint STEM Camp’s projects are outside the realm of a typical school’s offerings.

We make STEM easy

We make it simple for you with our STEM camp-in-a-box concept. You can bring a Flint STEM Camp to your students at no charge to the school. Flint covers all the costs, and we pay you to run the camp.

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Week-long Camp

with 40-100 students

Two daily sessions

Morning session:
5th and 6th graders

Afternoon session:
7th and 8th graders

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What to expect.


Every aspect of the camp is completely turn-key, with everything you need delivered right to your doorstep…in a box. (Well, in several boxes, because we understand the physics of weight x load, and want to protect your back.)


What’s in the box?

The camp-in-a-box comes with all the materials, tech gadgets and complete how-to guides.

Cool things like:

  • 3-D printers (printing pens)
  • High-end virtual reality systems
  • Drones
  • App and web development activities
  • Remote control cars
  • Water balloon slingshots
  • Chemical reaction supplies
  • And more
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Step-by-step instructions

Flint provides all the tools you need to easily host a seamless, inspiring experience. We provide clear, complete, step-by-step instructions for every activity. Our goal is to deliver an amazing STEM camp experience and keep the entire process as simple as possible.

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Get Paid.

Earn up to $1,600

Your total compensation is based on the number of paying students in your camp—from $1,000 for 40 students, up to $1,600 for 100 students.

Student Tuition

for the week-long camp

Scholarships available

The ultimate expectation?

A bunch of kids fired-up about their opportunities to change the world!


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